Myopia Control

Specialized Treatment to Control the Progression of Myopia

Myopia = nearsightedness

Did you know that there are treatments available to slow the progression of myopia? Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, occurs when distant objects appear blurry.

“Myopia control” is the process of slowing down the progression of myopia in order for your child’s prescription to be kept as low as possible. ​Myopia control is accomplished through the use of prescription eyedrops or specialty designed contact lenses.

Studies have shown that myopia control can help decrease myopic progression by an impressive 50–59%.

50–59% decrease in myopic progression

The amount of myopia plays an important role in overall eye health. It is known that moderate to high levels of myopia can increase the risk of eye diseases such as retinal detachments, myopic degeneration, and glaucoma.

Our doctors are more than happy to discuss a treatment and therapy plan for your child in further detail. A thorough consultation, candidacy, and progress assessments are conveniently done in our office. We look forward to working with your child to help protect their future vision.

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