Dry Eye

Discomfort, burning, itching, tearing? We can help.

What are the common symptoms of Dry Eye?

Red & Irritated


Burning or Stinging


Teary & Watery

Itchy Contacts


Tired Eyes


Sometimes Blurry

Diagnosis and Treatment of Dry Eye

Dry eye disease is an increasingly common disorder that occurs when your eyes don’t receive quality lubrication to moisturize and nourish the eyes. It can cause a combination of symptoms including discomfort, burning, itching, tearing, fatigue and decreased vision. Dry eye can also be caused by medications, contact lenses, digital devices, environmental factors, allergies and other systemic conditions.

Many other ocular pathologies can have similar presentations so it is important to have a proper diagnosis made by a licensed optometrist. Our optometrists will use your health history, lifestyle, and high powered microscope to help diagnose this condition and offer treatment options that can provide relief and manage symptoms. Although dry eye disease is a chronic condition, with the help of our optometrists, you will be able to understand and treat your dry eyes and maintain your daily life.

Up to
of Canadians suffer from Dry Eye disease

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